Premium Unleaded

Premium Unleaded

Amplify 95 Premium Unleaded

Cleans and protects your engine.

Amplify Premium 95 includes Ampol's unique advanced additive formulation with cleaning agent, friction reducer, and rust inhibitor, specifically designed to improve and maintain performance.

Amplify 98 Premium Unleaded

For optimum engine performance.

Amplify Premium 98 is our highest-octane rating Premium Unleaded Petrol. 

Designed with the latest engine innovations in mind, it contains a technologically advanced additive package that will clean and protect your engine’s fuel system to help it perform at its very best.

Amplify Premium 98 has 25% more cleaning agent, friction reducer and rust inhibitor than Amplify Premium 95. It is suitable for all vehicles designed to run on unleaded petrol.

What sets our premium petrols apart.

Whether you are looking to make the most of a high-performance vehicle, or simply want to ensure your engine stays clean and free from unwanted build-ups, Amplify high-octane Premium Unleaded Petrol is a great choice for a wide variety of petrol engines.


High Octane

Ideal for optimum performance in many modern and turbocharged engines.


Friction Reducer

Keeps engine components moving freely, protecting them against unnecessary wear.


Cleaning Agent

Removes engine deposits that gradually reduce its performance if allowed to accumulate.


Rust Inhibitor

Prevents the formation of abrasive rust particles which could damage your engine.